Lupin Lodge Nudist Resort

“We have found that nudity in the absence of sexual pressure fosters uniquely open communications across gender, generations and genealogy.”

The primary purpose of Lupin Lodge is to provide a relaxing, year-round getaway for people who regard human bodies as natural and shameless. Although Lupin is “clothing-optional” as the general club policy, nudity is requested while using pools, spas and sauna and is always acceptable elsewhere on the grounds unless posted to the contrary. Weather permitting, most people at Lupin prefer to be nude. We dress mostly for warmth or skin protection, or as common sense suggests on a situational basis. Appropriate footwear, a towel to sit on, and sunscreen are suggested accessories. Cars become all-purpose lockers.

Because denial of the body makes it an object of prurient interest, nudity and sexuality are closely linked in the perceptions of clothes-compulsive cultures. In reality, the acceptance of natural nudity in ordinary social circumstances significantly defuses its impact as an impersonal, erotic cue. Wearing nothing at all is far less titillating than strategically placed patches of cloth because, in the absence of anatomical curiosity, person-hood supersedes gender differences.

First-time naturists are often amazed to find themselves comfortably nude and totally relaxed in the presence of others. They learn that nudity and sex are different human experiences.

Don’t be Afraid

Men who fear an embarrassing erection upon disrobing almost universally discover no basis for their worries. Women have no cause for apprehension that they will become objects of unwelcome pursuit just because they are nude. Parents can relax knowing that the others in our family environment share their concern for the inviolability of all children. Harassment of any form is prohibited by club agreements. And no one is likely to witness a discomforting situation, for we share a common ethic that the joy of sex remain a private matter between consenting adults. Public eroticism and sexual exploitation are not acceptable at Lupin.

We have found that an absence of sexual pressure fosters uniquely open communications across differences of gender, generation, and genealogy and allows everyone to just relax and enjoy Lupin as the special resort it is. Guests and visitors who accept the mutual agreements under which the club operates are welcome to share Lupin’s unique ambiance.

Newcomers are invited to experience the freedom, awakened senses and self-appreciation of their bodies in communion with nature. Enjoy the social tranquility of people just being themselves. Visitors are encouraged to push past any nudity anxieties they may have to learn how comfortable and natural they soon feel. Self-consciousness almost always disappears in minutes. We hope you will find your visit to be an experience worth repeating.