Qi Gong with Michael

Meets on the Meditation Lawn
First and Third Sunday of the Month 1-2pm

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10/16/22 “Qi Gong and Universal Living Energy Force”


Each class will introduce practices that cleanse, tonify, nourish, and balance your body, mind and spirit

Qi Gong definition: Qi – energy – Gong – work or skill.

Qi Gong: To live in harmony and develop skill with energy.

Qi gong dates back over 5,000 years ago. Ancient Taoist sages and shamans studied the cycles of the earth, the heavens, and all things in nature. They determined that woman and man, and all that existed was interconnected and governed by the energies of the earth, the heavens and the cosmos.

 There are five key principles throughout all the different styles of Qi Gong that remain the same:

1.) Breath, 2.) Posture, 3.) Movement, 4.) Relaxation
5.) Visualization.

A mat, towel, water, and hat are suggested.

Coach Michael Holland, MS, has been a studying Qi Gong for over 30 years and teaching for 25. His journeys have led him to take refuge with several masters and grandmasters. He has been published in the Qi Journal and studied at a Medical Qi Gong Hospital in China.

Michael’s background in holistic health, fitness, and sports performance spans 40 years.

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