Clothing Optional Yoga for Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit


The Yoga schedule for Saturdays  BNYoga with Beth Nolan

Saturday 11 am Hatha Yoga – with Beth Nolan she teaches a gentle but challenging class and able to adapt to any level .

12:15 am –we will break for lunch. Socialize a bit together. Bring your own lunch or purchase food at Lupin’s Restaurant and after a lunch meet Beth by the stairs by the pool at 1pm  to hike and tour the Lupin Trails and the Lupin Labyrinth.

Sunday 11 am with Marie with Movement Meditation and Vinyasa Yoga… Starting February 2020


“You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. . .Yoga makes you flexible. Be patient with yourself.”

On Saturdays, 11 am  yoga is included in your day fee.

Be sure to let the office know that you are here for yoga when you arrive. Location may change.

Lupin’s gate opens at 9:00 am

Day fee: Couples: $60 / Singles: $40

Yoga is in the NUDOME YURT so we can be warm and toasty during the winter months.
In the warmer days over 65 degrees we will bring the class outside again.
Bring your own mat, blocks if you use them and always a towel. If you don’t have your own mat there are extra. Always bring a towel.

The focus is to bring you to a place of peace and relaxation in your body and mind. Reminding you to Breathe deeply and fully, fortifying ourselves. We hold postures longer in a yin yoga style. We effect our organs, muscle, ligaments and joints, by holding postures longer and relaxing into you. By using our full lung capacity, we can sink deeper and deeper into the postures. It’s all at your own pace and flexibility. Remember you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga…yoga makes you flexible. All levels and ages benefit, no extreme yoga here! Each class is gentle, challenging and restorative! Claim and recognize your personal place of peace and carry that feeling into your everyday life. Experience the true practice of yoga.