Qi Gong and Universal Living Energy Force

by Michael Holland

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a conscious and intelligent non-visible living energy force. This energy force is the matrix mind of all matter.”
Max Planck, developer of Quantum Theory.

The concept of there being some kind of universal living energy force which exists throughout the cosmos is an idea which has reverberated throughout the centuries ever since the beginning of time. This universal life force was believed by ancient shamans, sages, medicine people, philosophers, researchers and scientists throughout history to permeate the entire universe and everyone and everything in it. Many of the world’s top scientists and researchers of today now believe in the existence of a “universal living energy force”.

Universal Living Energy Force Words:
*Chinese – Chi or Qi.
*Hawaiians and Polynesians – Mana.
*Japanese and Koreans – Ki.
*Greeks – Aura.
*Prana – India.
*West Africans – Nyama.
*Mayans – Chu’ lel
*Lakota Sioux – Waken

I look forward to sharing Taoist, Tibetan and Medical Qi Gong practices and methods for connecting into and cultivating this “universal living energy force”.

A hui ho,
Coach Michael