Sexual Harassment is Prohibited at Lupin

Lupin takes harassment and especially sexual harassment very seriously. This club’s management, staff and greater membership support the right of each man, woman and (especially) children to enjoy a comfortable, clothes-free experience. While our intention is not to prohibit mutually acceptable, affectionate gestures within individual relationships nor to govern the private acts of consenting adults, sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated at Lupin.

Such sexual harassment could involve any unwanted form of behavior, communications or touching. Discomforting examples of this predatory practice include:

  • Unacceptable Behavior — Persistent staring, stalking, or following; voyeuristic positioning; crowding of personal space; unauthorized photography/videography, masturbation, other public sexual acts or displays; any aggressive acts or threatening body language.
  • Unwelcome Communications — Any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, solicitations, propositions, gestures, threats, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature (especially if directed toward obviously unwilling or underage persons); persistent attempts to engage another person in a clearly undesired conversation; unsolicited comments about someone’s body or sexual parts thereof.
  • Fondling — Any public fondling of a sexual nature.
  • Un-Permitted Touching — Any intentional touching of another person’s body without prior, mutual consent. Including: Presumptuous hugs, massages or other unwelcome familiarity.
  • Minors / Children — Any touching of a minor person without specific additional parental consent.
  • Acts of sexual harassment — Sexual Harassment will result in expulsion, suspension or termination of access to Lupin AND if warranted, criminal prosecution.
  • Members and guests are encouraged to help us maintain a relaxing, family ambience by immediately reporting any situation which feels like sexual harassment as defined above.

    Club management will investigate and respond to all legitimate complaints.
    Requests for confidentiality will be respected.