Being Thankful in 2024!

New Beginnings at Lupin Lodge
by Lupin Rochelle
Our calendar says 2023 has retired and 2024 has begun. With all our goodwill we want to be better in this new year as we have wanted in all the new year’s past.
So, we make resolutions, it’s a ritual! Of course, some are hard to keep for a full year, a month a week, or “what were they again?” But it always holds the promise of more and better if we choose. And then there is, what do we have to get rid of to be better? That could be daunting! Or it could just be the same old, some old, which is impossible because we are a year older and that counts for another year of stories if I am going to make a resolution I resolve to not make any resolutions in 2024 but just celebrate all that I have experienced and learned in 2023. So, let’s make it a HAPPY New Year. We can work on that!