Lupin Nurtures the Mind, Body & Spirit

If you’re stressed and only have a few hours to spare, a visit to Lupin would make any challenging day better. You’ll experience a slower tempo than the fast pace of Silicone Valley. When seeing our breath-taking vistas nature will touch all your senses.  Feel a larger perspective of freedom by elevating senses.

Being nude in nature is a natural tranquilizer.

Lupin Lodges special features… Majestic view of the sequoias and coastal redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Superb micro-climate. Convenient, secluded, location. Refreshing waters of the pool and hot tub. Delicious dining. Charming furnished Yurts for accommodations. Camping alternatives, like bring your own tent or RV. Nature hikes over 110 wooded acres. Yoga, volleyball tournaments. Family activities, dances, concerts and other entertainment. Art gallery. Big shade trees, green lawns, sun decks with umbrellas. Natural wildlife. Friendly staff. Open daily and year-round.

In addition to a diverse clientele, we have an international visitors of all shape, sizes and backgrounds.  If you are a beach-lover, we are a 1/2 hour from the Santa Cruz Beach. We attract naturists, sun-loving nudists and carefree skinny-dippers (representing about 1 in 4 Americans), Lupin especially welcomes first-timers to social nudity for a surprisingly relaxing, unforgettable human experience. There is no better or safer place for your introduction to personal freedom.

Bay Area Nudist Resort

Lupin’s clothes-free tradition (since 1935) embodies the principles of body acceptance and mutual respect, and its management strives to maintain a comfortable, family-friendly ambiance at all times. Staff personnel are especially sensitive and responsive to first-timer concerns.

“Women are seeking a sane alternative to distorted ‘beauty myths’.  We invite you to lean into this experience of Nudism and nude self-acceptance in a harassment-free environment.”

Common male fears of erotic embarrassment very rarely happen here at Lupin.  This natural setting decompresses and depressurized. Social nudism you always carry a towel or sarong to sit on and if and erection does happen you have away to be discrete, in the social and family environment. The omnipotent mind controls inappropriate timing.

Bay Area newcomers often find Lupin with its broad spectrum of individuals and families to be a valuable source of new friendships, often bridging differences of gender, generation, wealth and culture.

Though nudity is generally encouraged everywhere on the grounds, wearing clothing is always optional except in the nude-only pool area, hot tub, and sauna.

Visit Lupin Lodge

Families, couples and singles are all welcomed to visit. Bring friends. Plan a group outing.

Driving Directions to Lupin Lodge

To learn more about the Lupin experience in greater depth, including social nudism, behavior standards, current events, media articles and visitor opinions. Select your topics of interest from the menu and links above for a leisurely guided tour of our beautiful resort.

We take guest safety and overall comfort extremely important. At the same time we wish to make your first time check-in process as quick as possible. To expedite your check-in process, please print and complete our Day Visitor Guest Registration form to present at check-in along with a valid picture ID.