The Lupin Experience

The complex reasons why people join Lupin Lodge are as varied as the feelings expressed in their endorsements of the Lupin experience. Lupin membership is multi-faceted, offering different benefits to different folks. In general, the more a membership is used, the better its value.


Lupin membership represents a nearby “nature fix” to refresh the battered spirits of both urban and suburban dwellers seeking temporary relief from crowds, traffic, smog, four walls and the pace of change. A nude hike on the nature trail offers a view of redwoods among native flora and fauna, and a calming re-connection to something very basic within. Heated yurts provide luxurious camping getaways in a beautiful forest setting (with resort conveniences available for comfortably “roughing it”).


It’s difficult for busy, over-scheduled locals to find time to take a healthy break from the Bay Area pace of life, and nothing relaxes quite as well as time spent at Lupin. Membership provides a spontaneous, open-ended, year-round, inexpensive, prepaid vacation without major travel hassle or the need for packing. As preferred back up to a costly trip elsewhere when a badly needed longer vacation seems otherwise impossible, Lupin offers an easy quick-charge for over-worked personal batteries.


Most members use the club as an anytime getaway from stress or boredom. Reliable R & R at Lupin is usually less than an hour’s drive from home or work. Nearby members can easily pop up to the club for a delicious meal, an evening’s entertainment, an invigorating swim, a game of tennis, a nature hike, a relaxing massage, a care-draining hot soak or a sauna with friends. Some rent accommodations and stay overnight when it suits them. Workaday cares peel off as easily as clothing.


The entire Lupin membership participates in ensuring that a comfortable, family-friendly environment exists at all times in public areas. Even laissez faire nude beach devotees can appreciate the underlying value and safety that management, gate control, club security and clear boundaries can add to a nude outing. (Better weather, food service and facilities are other advantages Lupin enjoys over a beach.)

Travel Base

Frequent travelers to this area often find that membership makes Lupin a welcoming and economical home base whenever they visit Northern California for business or pleasure. If combined with frequent-flyer miles, Lupin offers its distant members a special Bay Area destination for next to nothing. (They also make you wear a soggy swimsuit almost everywhere else you could stay.)


Newcomers to the Bay Area (and others seeking a source of trustworthy friendships) discover that a Lupin membership opens the door to meeting some extraordinary people of great diversity within an accepting community that celebrates individuality and honesty. The best friendships are founded upon the sort of mutual respect that Lupin routinely encourages. Affordable weekend entertainment with informal social opportunities makes Lupin a great place to meet (or bring) new friends you’d like to know better.


Families choose membership because Lupin offers choices of recreational activities all ages can enjoy both together or individually in a safe, caring environment. The inclusion without charge of minor children in their parents’ membership dues makes Lupin a true family value (especially for single parents who often need breaks more than most).


Couples often find that a Lupin membership helps keep their relationship fresh. An affordable romantic getaway for two is usually available on short notice whenever it’s time to flee “reality”. You can rent a yurt or cozy cabin overnight and enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bathrobes or birthday suits.


Lupin is an ideal sports and fitness club for those who prefer a little informal fun to go with their exercise. Tennis and volleyball tournaments and more inclusive regular play are spirited, friendly and competitive for varied levels of skill. At alternate times the heated upper pool may be good for a vigorous swim, carefree refreshment, just floating around and multi-generational, coed water volleyball.


Serving balanced nourishment from a tasty menu (with varied daily specials deliciously prepared by skilled chefs), the favorably reviewed Lupin Clubhouse Restaurant also provides an informal, year-round, multi-purpose social center. Where else could you and loved ones choose to dine in the buff and expect to be delighted at very modest cost with excellent food, many beverage choices, friendly service, comfortable surroundings, courteous dining companions, indoor/outdoor seating choices, an art show and a majestic sunset view? More than a few members like to dine here frequently and often introduce friends to Lupin’s unique clothing-optional experience by first rewarding their taste buds.

Arts & Entertainment

Lupin has long offered a welcoming venue for creative Northern California artists, musicians and writers of song, humor and insight. Viewing inspired, often figurative art and hearing incredible performances featuring varied musical genres are almost weekly experiences for many Lupin members. Most joyful for many are the frequent dances, both nude and costumed, which tend to liberate the whole being as nothing else can. Some join Lupin for the entertainment value alone.


After accepting your miraculous body just as it is, learning to listen to its ancient wisdom becomes easier. Painful stress is often nature’s way of saying, “Slow down, let go, take time for yourself and just be present in the moment.” Regular relaxation such as a Lupin membership offers will nurture your immune system and extend life. As the bumper sticker bard reminds us, “He who dies with the most toys is still dead.” Lupin offers a rare place to smell the flowers and experience life more naturally.

Personal Growth

Mass media culture distorts body images and diminishes self worth to sell more needless stuff. The relaxing body acceptance found at Lupin is an all-natural remedy for this commercial chicanery. Beyond a life enhancing nude experience and reality check, Lupin also offers massage workshops, weekly samplings from our Eclectic Consciousness series (exploring subjects such as yoga, relationships, meditation, breathing, body issues, tantra, music therapy, improvisation, communications and sexual happiness), plus an on-going 12-step group.


Some members just want to guarantee that Lupin will always be there for them as a fallback retreat whenever personal space and a place to stay are suddenly needed. Lupin offers a wholesome healing place to nurture body, mind and spirit. Its quiet meditative areas and peaceful natural beauty can provide members an island of sanity in a sea of adversity, especially during life’s stressful transitions.


What all Lupin members share is a very unique and special “holiday home” away from home in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Home is where you can feel free to be thee, and so is Lupin, where you can also choose between solitude and companionship. Nothing could be more relaxing, or more valuable in its rarity. Membership makes it your private getaway to enjoy as you wish for a relative pittance.