Women’s Empowerment Here at Lupin

I would like to introduce myself and especially reach out to the Ladies of Lupin. My name is Beth, aka Goddess BE when I am teaching the ancient practices of yoga, tantra, holistic health care via shamanism. This is my second winter living at Lupin. I love it here and it looks like I’m staying. If you are reading this and you are not a women please pass this on to the women you know and love.

It’s a pleasure and a blessing for me to be able to live and work in a nudist lifestyle. Everyday here encourages me to continue to create ways we can all connect and add to our healthy life in this beautiful place.

I’m sure you have all noticed that nudism has a lot more men than women. It plays out even bigger in my BNaked Yoga Series. I’ve been teaching naked yoga for over 12 years and my classes are filled with men, unlike my clothed classes that are filled with women. Because I am passionate about living freely in the nudist lifestyle, I’m dedicated to figuring out, what makes a safe space for women to feel more comfortable and free in their skin. Let’s get together and talk about the issues we deal with as women. And find a sisterhood of support, growth and wellness.

The goal is to bring us Lupin ladies together, support each other in BEing our true and natural selves. Put time aside for you to restore and BE by giving yourself the necessary time to share, express who you are and discover what makes you strong. I will share many energy balancing techniques and exercises to fortify the modern women on the go.

Let’s drink some tea, socialize, do some yoga and BE an inspiration to each other empowered.

Second Sunday Self Care Goddess Circle 11 am

RSVP with Beth to learn where at Lupin we will meet.


9/8, 10/13,

11/10 & 12/8

To be totally truthful, I don’t have enough girlfriends or Goddess connections here yet.

Stay the day use the pool area, go for a hike and at 3 pm there will be a  Co-Ed meditation class and healing circle.

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