What to Expect at Lupin

Lupin offers multiple recreational choices. There is a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, volleyball court, tennis court, petanque, basketball net, tetherball, children’s playground, table tennis, books, puzzles, board games and cable TV in the clubhouse lounge for rainy days and special events.

Though daytime recreation is mostly unstructured, during the April through October prime season Lupin hosts a monthly Volleyball Tournament Weekend, open to member and non-member competitive players at a “B” level or higher. Men’s, women’s and coed teams are formed to achieve a balance of skill and fun with the winning team members earning two scoops each of their favorite ice cream.

Lupin is above all an outdoor experience, a perfect place to kick back and enjoy clear mountain air while communing with nature–just far enough from urban “civilization” to forget about its stresses but close enough for convenient access. For reading, relaxing or socializing there are multiple lawns and decks on different levels, each with unique scenery. Lounging choices include both sun and shade. The trees are quite varied and magnificent.

No visit is complete without a rejuvenating hike on Lupin’s nature trail. Nude Hikers are treated to spectacular views of the Santa Cruz Mountain coastal redwoods, features a broad array of verdant Northern California flora. Lupin hikers can do the trail in a vigorous, aerobic workout or enjoy the journey with a leisurely pace. The really cool thing about Lupin’s mostly undeveloped acreage is so much diverse animal wildlife in addition to a few naked humans.

Introductory Day Visit

Simply call the Lupin Lodge office at (408) 353-9200 for reservations. Upon your arrival, when you register at the office, we will require that you show an official photo ID such as your driver’s license, state ID, or passport (a work badge is not acceptable).

Click for Printer Friendly Registration Form or Submit Online

We take guest safety and overall comfort extremely important. At the same time we wish to make your first time check-in process as quick as possible. To expedite your check-in process, please print and complete our Day Visitor Guest Registration form to present at check-in or complete our online form (Valid ID still required at check-in)

First-timers to nude recreation and to Lupin are generally given a short orientation to begin their initial visit.

Though the policy is officially “clothing-optional”, body acceptance and social nudity are customary and traditional at Lupin. Its members support the club as their clothes-free sanctuary, and especially on a warm, sunny day, naturally assume that visitors and guests come to participate rather than to gawk.

If available, a walking tour may be provided. The initial walking tours of the grounds are normally done without clothing other than comfortable footwear. Carrying a towel on the tour is encouraged as it provides both hygienic seating and an all-purpose security blanket until the novelty of nudity fades in consciousness, usually much sooner than imagined.

Most people use their vehicles as their lockers during a Lupin visit. Do remember to remove your vehicle’s keys before locking the doors.

What to Bring

  • Photo ID (for registration)
  • Recommended footwear:
    • Sandals or shower shoes for most surfaces
    • Light-soled court shoes (only) for tennis/volleyball
    • Cleated soles for hiking the nature trail slopes
  • Towels. (A seating courtesy for personal hygiene.)
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunshades, etc. (Shade is available.)
  • Lounge chairs. (Limited club lounges available.)
  • Tennis racquet and balls. (Volleyball available.)
  • Favorite books, games and other quiet amusements.
  • Earphones, if you also bring electronic sound.
  • Sweat clothes, casual wear. (Evenings are often cool.)
  • Flashlight, if you plan to stay past sunset.

What NOT to Bring

  • Camera/video equipment. (Banned, except announced events and members of Lupin Camera Club.)
  • Anti-social/predatory behavior.
  • Offensive intoxication.
  • Hard alcohol is prohibited. (Beer and wine available).
  • Fireworks, firearms, weapons of any kind. (All prohibited.)
  • Illegal substances and toxic materials. (Prohibited.)
  • Unrelated minors. (Except with a parental release.)
  • No Pets.
  • Electronic sound. (Except with earphone use.)
  • Discourteous smoking; irresponsible littering.
  • Swim suits. (No swimsuits permitted in pools, spas or sauna.)

Please note:
No Dogs are allowed at Lupin

Cancellation policy:
Charge room fee only (tent/yurt) day and overnight fees are paid upon arrival
Cancellations made 7 days in advance receive a full refund
6 days to 48 hours 50% refund
after 48 hours, no refund
Memorial, 4th july, labor day, new years, no refund, reservations are final